Group Bookings

Everyone Gets a Room

Do you have a large group that needs accommodations?

At Elkwater Lake Lodge, we can block off an appropriate number of rooms for your group, assuring everyone attending your event has a place to stay. We decide together an appropriate number of rooms and room types. Elkwater Lake Lodge then offers a discount on the room rates, sets up a contract and places the holds on the rooms. Once the block is set up, the organizer can provide a room assignment list or guests attending your event, may call and reserve their room.

Group blocks are subject to a $1000.00 deposit which can be used towards your stay or be refunded at check out.

Blocks are released 90 days before the event, however, if there is a guest that has not booked before the release date they are still able to call and make a reservation at a regular rate depending on availability.

Group Bookings Inquiry