About the Cypress Hills

An Astonishing Alpine Environment

The Cypress Hills of Alberta, Canada, is a unique place where moose, elk, deer, wild turkeys and many other kinds of wildlife range freely over an astonishing alpine environment.

For visitors, the steep rises, lush valleys and pine-scented breezes lend a mountain air to this prairie island. Four distinct habitats and a climate more moderate than the prairies, make this a park exceptionally rich in plant and animal life. 18 species of orchids are among the more than 700 species of plants that thrive here.

Approximately 35 minutes southeast of Medicine Hat, Alberta, the Cypress Hills are a year-round recreational area, consisting of a golf course, a marina and 6 pristine lakes, all within 20 minutes of the Elkwater townsite. The region boasts great fly-fishing, skiing and hiking.

Townsite of Elkwater

Situated in the unique area of the Cypress Hills, the townsite of Elkwater is Southern Alberta's best-kept secret. The townsite of Elkwater serves as a hub of community and commerce for those enjoying the Alberta side of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. At an elevation of 4,048 feet, both of the townsites of Elkwater and Banff share the same elevation.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is the first and only interprovincial park in Canada and consists of 2,500 square kilometres. The park offers picturesque summers and a winter wonderland. There are over 250,000 tourists who visit the park each year.